Tamworth 2 Salisbury 0

Tamworth 2 Salisbury 0 (19/09/2009)

Time of goals, 3:13 and 3:17.

Time I was in the Tea Bar queue (with a view of only one goalmouth) 3:12 to 3:18.

Do you think the goals were scored in the goal I could see, or the other one?

Yes, it’s a sore point. Sometimes you wonder the thinking behind building a tea bar right next to the pitch, yet positioning the serving hatch on a side facing away from the field.

I guess it’ll teach me to eat earlier, but the was no reasonably priced food available at the bar of the imposing “snow dome”, that looms over one side of the ground. There can’t be many grounds the offer the chance of a pre-match ski, or the chance to build a snowman in September from the excess snow dumped in the car park, but I’d trade those for being able to see the goals in a match I’ve gone to see.

Badly placed tea bar aside, it’s a pleasant enough place. A modern main stand opposite a classic old-style ramshackle covered terrace opposite. One end is open with a few steps of terrace, while the other is no bigger, but is covered. Roof apart, this end is made of brick, and it looks like that had several hundred bricks left over. The end is rather needlessly partitioned every 10 yards by a brick wall, as if the builders thought they were building a row of “snugs” for an oversized pub.


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