Stadium Panoramas

Upon buying a new camera a week ago, I noticed that the DVD that came with it also included a panorama tool, for stitching photos together to make one wide scene.

I checked through some of my stash of photos for ones suitable for turning into panoramas. Now I’d never taken pictures with this in mind so it was a bit hit and miss, with some going horribly wrong to Brundle-fly proportions, but many did work, with one or two a bit dodgy, but just about OK.

I’m far too lazy to post them into the individual reports, so he’s a whole load in no particular order.

Click on the pics for a larger version, and then the “full size” link for an even bigger version.

Panorama Anderlecht

Panorama Arsenal

Panorama Bath1

Panorama Besiktas

Panorama Brighton

Panorama Carlton Oval

Panorama Crawley1

Panorama Crawley2

Panorama Derby

Panorama Donetsk

Panorama Gala

Panorama Hamburg

Panorama Hampden

Panorama Harlequins1

Panorama Hastings

Panorama IK Brage

Panorama Kiev

Panorama Kyoto

Panorama Leyton Orient

Panorama Lviv

Panorama mcg

Panorama Munich

Panorama Offenbach

Panorama Saitama

Panorama scg

Panorama Sevilla

Panorama Spurs

Panorama Sri Racha

Panorama The Oval1

Panorama Wembley1

Panorama Wembley2

Panorama Worcester

Panorama Wrigley Field


Panorama Aachen

Panorama Frankfurt

Panorama MCG2

Panorama Nuremberg

Panorama Real Madrid

Panorama Stuttgart

Panorama Ujpest

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