Redditch 5 Nuneaton 0

No pictures. No match report.

Why? Because although I went to Redditch for this opening day fixture, I made the monumentally stupid mistake of not looking at the fixtures details closely enough, and turned up at Redditch’s ground a week early. Believe me, there are few feelings like going on a near two hour drive, getting to a ground, and realising that the car park is far too empty for a game to be kicking off in 45 minutes.

The abbreviation Oh FFS just about covers it, and that meant just turning round and heading home, not able to face a trip anywhere else, in case that was off too.

Well, I tried heading home. Redditch’s town planners had other ideas, having a one-way system combined with a complete lack of signposts, meaning I could only find my way out of the town by heading in completely the wrong direction, towards Bromsgrove.

With Reading’s feeble opening day defeat at QPR – actual opening day, that is – being covered by a Radio 5 reporter, it wasn’t the greatest Saturday all round.

Nuneaton, lumped 0-5 yesterday, probably wish they’d gone a week earlier too.

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